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What's in the box?

Agate Coasters

Each box includes one or two agate coasters, plated with 24k gold and dyed to match the color scheme of the boxed room you’ve chosen. 

Our agate manufacturer is in the beautiful beach town of Porto Alegre, Brazil, known for its climate, export industry, history, and nightlife.Most agate is found in volcanic cavities. It’s formed when a mixture of saline water and gas bubbles form with cooling lava; this process explains the unique and intricate patterns on each stone. 

Aesthetically, agate is bold and sophisticated in any color. Whether on a bar cart, coffee table, or placed by your bed, agate coasters create a soothing, elegant environment. 

Brazilian agate is known for balancing the four energies: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It was used widely in the mystical healing ceremonies of ancient societies. The mineral improves strength, calmness, thinking ability, and confidence. It’s also known to relieve stress, improve digestion, and increase circulation. 

The Queen Boxed Room contains two coasters, and the Twin Boxed Room contains one.

Agate and champagne go together like Harry and Sally.


Some creative alternate uses for agate coasters include wall art and drawer pulls. 

Lauren Conrad's pink agate coasters match her coffee table book and floral arrangement.

Next stop, Porto Alegre!


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