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Design Advice Q+A // White Sheets

Q: I have white sheets. How often should I wash them and is bleach safe to use?

A: Most anyone you ask will say to wash your sheets once a week, but we consider that more of a guideline than requirement. It’s great if you can manage your chores well enough to wash bedding weekly, but cut yourself a little slack if life gets in the way and you only manage it every other week.

One factor that contributes to how frequently you need to wash your sheets is whether you shower in the morning or at night. If you shower at night, you’re going to bed clean, but if you shower in the morning, you’re bringing the whole day to bed with you. This is a totally fine practice; some people prefer to wake up with a shower, but it will require more frequent sheet washing.

We’ve never quite felt comfortable exposing our sheets to bleach and in our research have found this easy recipe with ingredients you probably already have in your apartment/house:

12 cups water

¼ cup lemon juice

1 cup hydrogen peroxide

Throw this mixture in with your white sheets and they’ll come out sparkling!


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