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What's in the box?

Lucite Trays

We've been working closely with designer Sara Moore since before our Boxed Room days, and fell in love early on with her lucite trays and colorful inserts. She's also the author of a fantastic lifestyle blog and the mother of three gorgeous little ones. We've been selling Sara's trays since the inception of our online shop, and when we were brainstorming the perfect organizational tool to include in the Boxed Room, we immediately eyed the tray in the corner of each of our desks. 

Sara Moore created a custom line of inserts for us, each one to coordinate with the color schemes of our Boxed Rooms. She also designed our "Live Outside the Box" insert, which is included in every box. We love her bright and inspiring aesthetic! 

Use your 6in x 6in lucite tray to organize makeup and perfume, or place it on your desk to store your office supplies. You can also keep it by your bed to put your jewelry and glasses every night, or prop it up as a decorative item on your shelf. 




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