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Design Advice Q + A // How do I build a gallery wall?

Q: I'm interested in building a gallery wall in my home, but I'm not really sure where to start. Any advice or ideas?

A: A gallery wall is a versatile, creative way to showcase your taste. It can also offer you a daily dose of inspiration, like a physical Pinterest board. Each piece of a gallery wall should make a statement so that collectively it weaves an exciting story. We suggest picking a theme, one common thread to unite your gallery wall, and then have fun mixing and matching all the other elements outside of that theme. Whether your theme is memories, food, the color blue, or the beach, the key is to create a visually striking scene by combining textures, shapes, colors, and media on your wall. 

It's also very important to plan the placement of each piece before hanging. Trace each frame or object onto butcher's paper, then cut them all out, and try various arrangements. That look of randomness many beautiful gallery walls achieve is not random at all. Equal spacing is also crucial so keep your level and measuring tape handy. If you're not feeling very daring, remember that frames of the same size in a straight line create a very clean and classic gallery wall as well. 

Below are a few of our favorite gallery walls and some ideas on how to emulate the look!

This gallery wall hangs in McNally Jackson, a beloved NYC bookstore, and the theme of nostalgia and wonder is achieved with antique illustrations and maps. The colors are neutral and the pieces are spaced far apart, balancing the intricacy of each artwork. (image)

Combine bold, colorful patterns, but use simple and neutral-colored frames to help separate each image visually. We love this wall's themes of florals and travel, particularly the patterned wallpaper with drawings of landmarks around the world. (image)

These black and white photos are hung in the same black frames and matted identically. By alternating the orientation of the frames, you captivate and stimulate the eye of the viewer in a subtle way. (image)

Jen Ramos of Made by Girl created inspirational eye candy above her work desk by playing with themes of love, glamour, and black and gold. (image)

This small gallery wall is visually pleasing with its colorful clock and animal theme. We love how the two giraffe pieces play off each other! (image)

Adding items with dimension, like the lighting sconce above, is a great way to bring your gallery wall to life. Other suggestions are to hang a mirror, faux taxidermy, or even bold frames with no art inside. (image)

The theme of this gallery wall is vintage rock 'n' roll and it exudes coolness. (image)

By sticking to neutral browns and silvers, this gallery wall creates a calming and serene effect. We love all the negative space achieved by placing small photos in large frames. (image) 


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