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#MondayMuse: Emma Stone

There's no better way to start out the week than with a solid dose of humor, and this Monday morning, Emma Stone is providing endless laughs. Between her tribute to Gilda Radner last night on SNL40 (below) and the trailer release of her romantic comedy, "Aloha," Stone reminds us the importance of not taking oneself too seriously.

While she can crack jokes effortlessly, she is not simply goofing off or performing on a whim. Stone has proven to be a committed and lasting force in Hollywood, recently explaining in an interview for the New York Times, that at the age of 14, she made a PowerPoint presentation for her parents detailing why she wanted to become an actor. Presentations were her mode of expression, because otherwise she would feel so passionate she would cry.

In the interview, she admits to being a perfectionist and to having suffered panic attacks when she was a little girl. Acting calms her and assuages her anxieties; she compares it to flying. Her honesty and enthusiasm toward her career are refreshing and inspire us to do the thing we love so much it makes us cry.  

But first, for a few tears of laughter:

Photos of our gorgeous #MondayMuse, Emma Stone:



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