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#MondayMuse: Rebecca Solnit

Searching for a few great books to add to your queue? Look no further than writer, historian, and activist, Rebecca Solnit, our brilliant and influential #MondayMuse. Solnit is the author of fifteen books that dive deeply into a wide range of topics: human rights, politics, art, community, the power of stories, and hope. Her bibliography is large enough to fuel an entire book club, and her subject matter is endlessly thought-provoking. She weaves current events, science, history, spirituality, interviews, and personal anecdotes to guide you through very poignant issues that affect us all daily. 

Among our favorite books by Rebecca Solnit are The Faraway Nearby, Wanderlust: A History of Walking, Men Explain Things to Me, and A Field Guide to Getting Lost. 


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