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Design Advice Q + A // What humidifier should I buy?

Q: The dry winter has been brutal on my nose, throat, skin, you name it. I'd love to buy a humidifier for my bedroom but am not sure which one is right for me. Any pointers?

A: Humidifiers are a great way to create moisture in your room throughout the night in order to prevent snoring, coughing, and nosebleeds by lubricating your nasal passages; they also help to cure skin dryness and allow for a deeper, less disrupted sleep. We suggest going with a ultrasonic cool-mist humidifier because, although they require more upkeep than a warm-mist humidifier, the cold air feels great through your passages and are less dangerous as the hot water of a warm air humidifier can burn you. A regular cool air humidifier has a fan that makes a gentle humming noise (some people love it; it drives others crazy), but if you buy an ultrasonic, there is no sound at all.

Bacteria and mold can grow quickly in your humidifier, so for long-term results, be sure to change the water daily, scrub your device with water and bleach often, and replace the filter as often as the instructions tell you to. 

Below are a few ultrasonic cool-mist humidifiers that we love for their effectiveness and design; pick the one that fits within your budget and join the club of sound sleepers!


Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, $41.99

Air-O-Swiss Cool-Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier, $99.99

Broksonic Allonge Humidifier, $199.99

We're also eager to follow the development of the Osmos, a humidifier we found on Quirky, that allows you to monitor its care through an app on your smart phone and receive alerts when it requires cleaning or has achieved balanced humidity levels. A major technology swoon.


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