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#MondayMuse: Jenny Lewis

We're currently sandwiched between two weekends of a little festival that may be clogging your Instagram feed at the moment. As we looked through the lineup this year - and this is nothing new - we were disappointed to find how few women were performing. As we scrolled through the festival website, silently cheering every time a female's name appeared (Azealia Banks, Lykke Li, Florence + the Machine), one artist in particular put a huge smile on our face: Jenny Lewis. One glance at her name sent us down memory lane, pining for those high school days when we cruised around listening to Rilo Kiley on repeat.

Often compared to Joni Mitchell and Emmylou Harris, Jenny Lewis is this week's #MondayMuse for her prolific music career, marked by relatable songs that are, "very upbeat, with lyrics that are dark as night." She counts Ryan Adams and Beck among her mentors, and calls Anne Hathaway, Kirsten Stewart, and Brie Larson friends. This year is her sixth time to play Coachella, and she even brought Haim on stage to sing their new song, "Girl on Girl."


(Image included in an article about Jenny Lewis in the New York Times)


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