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#MondayMuse: Casey Rotter

As news unfolded this weekend of Saturday's devastating earthquake in Nepal, one of the first e-mails we received was from Casey Rotter, the founder and director of UNICEF's NextGen Fund. She made a heartfelt plea for members to donate money and share news of the event on social media. She shared first hand testimonials of her colleagues on the ground in Kathmandu, and drafted 140 character blurbs to make tweeting about the disaster as easy as a couple of clicks.

Casey founded UNICEF's Next Generation with the mission of raising funds and encouraging philanthropy among young professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovators in their 20s and 30s. Casey received her bachelor's in International Relations and pursued her Masters of Science in Fundraising and Grant Making at NYU. Today she calls on the members of NextGen to educate themselves about issues that are affecting children around the world, organizes activities and events, and encourages members to mobilize their networks and inspire their generations to take action.

This week's #MondayMuse is Casey Rotter. We applaud her round the clock efforts to bring awareness and aid to children in disaster areas worldwide, all the while inspiring Generations X and Y - who have a notorious reputation for being unengaged - to make a difference.




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