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What's in the Box?

On this edition of What's in the Box? we're excited to spotlight one of the amazing artists we are working with to make our Gallery Wall Boxed Rooms, which will soon be available online in a variety of themes and sizes. We've been selling The Aestate's watercolor prints since our inception and adore her use of bright colors and pop imagery. When we came up with the idea to curate and frame gallery wall boxes, it was a no-brainer for us to seek the creativity of the Aestate! 

The artist behind the Aestate is Jessica Rowe and she uses watercolor as her medium because she loves its unpredictable nature. Her idols are Warhol, Wesselman, and Liechtenstein, and her background is in interior design, so she understands the importance of color in a space. A woman after our own hearts!

Enjoy this teaser of some of our favorite prints from the Aestate that we chose for our Gallery Wall Boxed Rooms. Bet you can't guess what our themes are! One hint... "Oooh la la..."

What's in the Box?

Picture Frames

Each Boxed Room includes one 4x6in picture frame, made of genuine, non-endangered horn and bone from India. We sell them in coral, grey, turquoise, blue, and black. Each frame gives a splash of color to your bedside table or desk, and allow you to add your own touch with a picture of family or friends. If you're going for a more design approach, try flipping through your favorite magazine, and cutting out and displaying an image that inspires you.

What's in the box?

Pestemal Blankets

Every Boxed Room contains a throw blanket known as a pestemal, a handwoven cotton towel traditionally used in hamams, or bathhouses, of Turkey. These blankets are a versatile accent in any room; just throw it over your bed, desk chair, or couch for an extra splash of color. We love pestemals as blankets because they are light and breathable, but still keep you warm. 

In ancient Turkish tradition, Sultans of the Ottoman empire wore pestemals and newlyweds gifted them to each other as part of a bath set. Nowadays, Turkish towels can be used as a throw blanket, wrapped around your neck as a scarf, or brought with you to the beach.

Our selection of Turkish towels:

Turkish towel uses:

image: http://theinspiredroom.net/

images: http://www.turkish-t.com/