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Design Q + A // How should I make coffee in the AM?

Q: I need my caffeine fix, but am looking for alternatives to the $5 latte I've gotten into the habit of buying every day. What are some of the most economical and healthy ways to prepare my coffee at home?

A: Before launching into the coffee brewing methods to which we're most loyal, we'd like to share this video of Maria Forleo asking Arianna Huffington a few questions about the advice she bestows in her book, Thrive. In it, Arianna writes, "Sleep your way to the top," in order to emphasize the importance of sleep and not undermining health and joy along your path to success. So while yes, one cup of coffee is totally fine (and necessary in our opinion) to jump start your morning, don't subsist on caffeine throughout the day in order to make up for lack of rest. You will crash. And fall. And wake up in a pool of your own blood like Arianna did.

Now that we've encouraged (scared) you to drink coffee in moderation, here are a few healthy and easy ways to prepare your daily cup of coffee:

A Nespresso machine

While the price tag may be daunting at first, think of how quickly you'll make your money back by saving on buying coffees-to-go. Not to mention, Nespresso is constantly offering discounts up to $100 and rebates of $75 to spend on espresso pods, so find the machine that best suits your needs and consider taking the plunge. These machines produce creamy, rich fuel that will keep you running for the entire day. Our favorite machine is the VertuoLine, and right now Nespresso is selling the VertuoLine Bundle for $249, which includes the machine, different sized cups, and a to-go mug. 

If you'd like to shop around before making a purchase, compare Nespresso to other single-serve pod coffee makers, such as De'Longhi, Keurig, and Nescafe. We think you'll make your way back to the one below!


French Press Brewing Method

Using a French press to make coffee produces higher caffeine levels because, unlike with drip coffee, the grounds are entirely submerged in water during the brewing process. French press is also believed to create higher levels of antioxidants thanks to their standard metal mesh filters. Stumptown coffee has put together a step by step instructional on how to make coffee using a French press which includes helpful, not to mention, beautiful photos of the process. You can find it here.

You can buy the below French press from the Stumptown website for just $30. 

Add Butter and Coconut Oil to your Coffee

Ditch the creamer and refined sugar in your drip coffee and try this alternative, all natural method of drinking coffee. For a while, the Bulletproof Coffee was a big trend, but instead of paying for overpriced pre-made concoctions, try making something similar yourself. If you add 1 tsp of grass-fed butter, 1 tsp of coconut oil, and a dash of vanilla extract, you will find yourself brimming with positive energy that lasts all day long. Added bonus: drinking coffee this way puts your body in the routine of burning fat, which ultimately helps you trim down. Pair with a banana and slice of avocado toast, and you've got yourself a quick, delicious, and healthy breakfast boost.