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#MondayMuse: Whitney and Danielle, the Founders of Sakara Life

We've been hearing a lot of buzz lately about Sakara Life and although we haven't had the opportunity to try their meal plan ourselves, we are loving the food philosophy encouraged by the company's owners, Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBois. Sakara Life is a healthy living program based on a diet that includes nutrient-rich, fresh, and delicious ingredients. Even if they don't deliver to your city, or if you simply aren't ready to make the commitment to one of their meal plans, you can still visit their site and follow them on social media for daily doses of inspiration on how to eat and live healthier. 

Danielle is a former model-actress turned certified holistic health coach, and her best friend and business partner, Whitney, used to work as a Wall Street financier. Eventually Whitney's insane hours and unhealthy lifestyle had her turning to Danielle for help. Together they crafted a healthy meal plan that she could maintain while balancing her busy lifestyle, and eventually all her colleagues were asking for help as well. 

Danielle and Whitney talk about healthy eating in a way that feels approachable and fun, not to mention, vital. We also love their free guide to snacking, a downloadable PDF that offers dozens of quick, healthy in-between meal options. Just subscribe to their mailing list to receive yours.