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#MondayMuse: Casey Rotter

As news unfolded this weekend of Saturday's devastating earthquake in Nepal, one of the first e-mails we received was from Casey Rotter, the founder and director of UNICEF's NextGen Fund. She made a heartfelt plea for members to donate money and share news of the event on social media. She shared first hand testimonials of her colleagues on the ground in Kathmandu, and drafted 140 character blurbs to make tweeting about the disaster as easy as a couple of clicks.

Casey founded UNICEF's Next Generation with the mission of raising funds and encouraging philanthropy among young professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovators in their 20s and 30s. Casey received her bachelor's in International Relations and pursued her Masters of Science in Fundraising and Grant Making at NYU. Today she calls on the members of NextGen to educate themselves about issues that are affecting children around the world, organizes activities and events, and encourages members to mobilize their networks and inspire their generations to take action.

This week's #MondayMuse is Casey Rotter. We applaud her round the clock efforts to bring awareness and aid to children in disaster areas worldwide, all the while inspiring Generations X and Y - who have a notorious reputation for being unengaged - to make a difference.



#MondayMuse: Diane Keaton

From Annie Hall to The GodfatherManhattan to Father of the Bride, and First Wives' Club to The Family Stone, we have been captivated and inspired by the selfless, nurturing, and oftentimes eccentric characters played by Diane Keaton over the span of the past 40 years. As for her real life, Keaton speaks publicly about insecurities and body issues she suffered in her younger years, going to therapy, and wanting to look younger than her age. But, as she writes in one of her memoirs, “The exhausting effort to control time by altering the effects of age doesn't bring happiness.” At nearly 70 years old, Keaton radiates confidence, success, and - if her interviews on Ellen are any indication - is having the time of her life. 

Keaton has written three books, most recently a memoir called Let's Just Say It Wasn't Pretty, in which she shares the wisdom she's amassed through her life as actress, mother, daughter, artist, and international style icon. She delves into the importance of staying true to oneself, despite the pressures of other people and society, in a candid and hilarious way. A year later, her book still graces window displays and shelves front-of-store as a bestselling must read. 

Love is too weak a word for how we feel about you, Diane. We lurve our #MondayMuse.


#MondayMuse: Jenny Lewis

We're currently sandwiched between two weekends of a little festival that may be clogging your Instagram feed at the moment. As we looked through the lineup this year - and this is nothing new - we were disappointed to find how few women were performing. As we scrolled through the festival website, silently cheering every time a female's name appeared (Azealia Banks, Lykke Li, Florence + the Machine), one artist in particular put a huge smile on our face: Jenny Lewis. One glance at her name sent us down memory lane, pining for those high school days when we cruised around listening to Rilo Kiley on repeat.

Often compared to Joni Mitchell and Emmylou Harris, Jenny Lewis is this week's #MondayMuse for her prolific music career, marked by relatable songs that are, "very upbeat, with lyrics that are dark as night." She counts Ryan Adams and Beck among her mentors, and calls Anne Hathaway, Kirsten Stewart, and Brie Larson friends. This year is her sixth time to play Coachella, and she even brought Haim on stage to sing their new song, "Girl on Girl."


(Image included in an article about Jenny Lewis in the New York Times)