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Designer Spotlight: This is Ground

Our latest leather goods obsession is This is Ground, an LA based brand that makes accessories to help you organize your electronics. Their original products are the Cord Taco and Cordito: beautiful, small storage pockets for headphones and phone/laptop chargers. They also create storage for laptops, iPhones, tablets, as well as a wallet, passport holder, and a pouch. We love their products because they've thought through all the details  and each item is understated, chic, and utilitarian. 

Here are a few of our favorite items from their website:

What's in the Box?

Canvas Storage Pouch

Our custom canvas storage pouches are portable and versatile carryalls that boast our positive tagline to 'live outside the box.' Each canvas storage pouch measures 11in x 7in and provides a way to store your makeup, chargers, office supplies, or socks and undies. When tidying up and maintaining a space that allows for a clear mind, it's important that all your belongings have a home. There's a reason our parents always taught us 'put your things back when you're done playing with them.' We designed our storage pouch, along with our storage bins, to help you straighten up your bedroom so you can pay more attention to the things in life that really matter!

What's in the box?

Canvas Storage Bins

While we could never pick a favorite item from our Boxed Rooms, if we had to save one in a fire, it would likely be the set of canvas storage bins. Equal parts utilitarian and chic, they are collapsible and are designed with color block (large size) and vertical stripes (small size). The large one can be used as a hamper, to keep clean linens, or store your throw pillows each night. The small one is well-suited as a wastebasket, to store your hair tools, or - for those of you with kids - to organize their toys. A well decorated apartment is both colorful and organized, and the canvas storage bins help you achieve both!