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Why Remodo Your Room?

Change the way you shop! Revamp your look and refresh your room as often as you like. With Remodo's subscription model, receive a new Boxed Room when you need it.

Everywhere you look you can find beautiful inspiration to decorate your home: Pinterest, Instagram, design blogs, magazines, or the myriad design stores around the country. While no doubt pleasing to the eye, this flood of visual stimuli can be overwhelming and daunting. You’re not alone if you’ve researched home decor only to end up with more questions than answers.

Get a new Box when:

  • You're moving
  • You bought a new house
  • You want a change
  • You moved in with your boyfriend
  • Your parents are coming to town
  • Your guest room is looking undone
  • Your sheets are old
  • You want an extra set of sheets + some more decor items

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