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Menaka Iyer, Whitney Fox, Amanda Fox (left to right)

Why We Love Remodo

"Building the Remodo brand has taught us to streamline our design approach and to think about the value of each and every product we design. We carry this over into all aspects of our lives." - Whitney

"We know moving and decorating can be daunting.  Trust us, we’ve done our fair share. The most rewarding thing about our job is when someone says we’ve made their ordinary room feel like a home.  Plus, it’s not every day you get to hang out with your sister at the workplace!" - Amanda

"What we love about our concept is that Boxed Room options are limitless. If I had to describe Remodo to anyone, I would use the following words: Transitional, Tasteful, Effortless, Comfortable and Colorful." - Menaka